Can your Customers Find You Online?

Inconsistent location information across the web can cost you sales.
Now you can control your business listings across 50+ major websites: Apple Maps, Bing, Citysearch, Facebook, Foursquare, Google+, Mapquest, Superpages, Yahoo, Yelp and many more.


Digital Presence is a MUST for Every Business to Succeed Online

At Vega Digital Marketing, we use cutting-edge tools to optimize your online presence. Imagine, being able to have the description of your business listing just the way you want it, and most importantly, in a consistent manner, which is precisely what search engines look for. We put you in control of your listing information across a unique network of more than 50 major websites.
Now you can be listed with an accurate and enhanced version of your business listing in Apple Maps, Bing, CitySearch, Facebook, Foursquare, Google +Mapquest, Superpages, Yahoo, Yelp, and many more top-notch websites. To see exactly how your business listing appears across the web, simply click on Check My Listing Now. It’s absolutely FREE, and you can do it as many times as you want. In fact, you can even check your competitor’s digital presence to see how they are represented online.

Publish Everywhere and on Every Device


We have partnered with some of the most-established and popular search engines, maps, apps and online directories across the web. Now you can leverage our direct connections to the publishers in our powerful Network of more than 50 websites that get 220 million visits per month!


Get on Google

It’s no secret that smartphones have become an integral part of our lives as they are the first thing we reach for when we wake up and the last thing we put down when we go to sleep. The use of smartphones, demands accurate location data more than ever before. And no single search, maps, and apps provider is more important to your location marketing strategy than Google.

All businesses can have greater control over how their location data appears across the world’s leading search engine and map provider. Many PowerListing partners are already leveraging the new Google integration to update their information. The addition of Google My Business can have an immediate impact on your overall sales. This has already been tested and we have seen more than 20% increase in sales.

At Vega Digital Marketing, we are very excited to be offering Google My Business to all of our clients and this addition will help us help you control your content, thus increasing your sales to help your bottom line. For additional information, please click on the following link: “PowerListings”

Google My Business (GMB)


By managing your Google My Business  account, we do the following:

  • Update your information rapidly about timely changes to key location data like hours or unforeseen closings
  • Control the data Google receives about your locations and ensure it’s always consistent, and up-to-date
  • Save time and streamline your data management process by managing information on Google My Business and across the web with a single click from our Location Management Platform

Our Location Management Platform enables all companies to manage location data across the industry’s largest ecosystem of maps, apps, social networks, directories and search engines.


Google My Business is Owned by Google

Google My Business (GMB) is a property owned by Google – They pay attention to what businesses are taking advantage of GMB.

When you establish a presence on Google My Business you have the ideal platform for gathering customer reviews and ranking higher in Google SERPS – all organically. The more positive customer reviews your business receives, the better your company’s SEO rankings get and the more visibility your business will gain.


Optimizing Google My Business

Much like your website or blog content, the information you use for Google My Business can be optimized. By keeping the information consistent across this page, as well as one other third party directory listings, your site will be recognized as an even more reputable business, which will pay off in terms of traffic and search engine rankings.

Increase Your Visibility


It’s not an option for your small businesses to have a digital presence, it is an absolute MUST. Nowadays, consumers are in control and the competitive landscape is wider and more challenging than ever. A solid digital presence is fundamental for every single business.

At Vega Digital Marketing, we use a state-of-the-art digital presence management software, to ensure that our clients have accurate listings on every digital channel.

We guarantee your digital presence with 100 percent accurate listings in a network of “PowerListings” that include none other than Apple Maps, Bing, CitySearch, Facebook, Foursquare, Google +, Mapquest, Superpages, Yahoo, Yelp, and many others. These website properties get 220 million visits every month!.

For a free no-obligation demo, please e-mail us, or call: 703-408-1411

I’ve been using PowerListings for more than a year. This is how you can ensure that your business listing is always accurate. In the past, my listings had a lot of errors, but now they are accurate and consistent, including our hours of operation, bios, images, a video, and plenty of information for potential clients. I recommend PowerListings to all businesses.

José Bernal

Allstate Insurance Broker, Ramirez Insurance Agency - Hyattsville, MD

Several online directories had many errors on my listing information, some listed my old address and a couple had outdated phone numbers. Vega Digital Marketing was able to fix all the errors and now I have an enhanced and accurate business listing in more than 50 top websites, including Google My Business and now my business listings are 100% accurate!

Carmen Guerrero

Real Estate Broker/Owner, Guerrero Properties, LLC - Fairfax, VA

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